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Training executives in the Mastery of Charisma


One of Hollywoods leading liaisons between the respected German and American film industries, Nina Franoszek, an award-winning actor and accomplished director utilizes her vast international professional experience and connections to cultivate the development of mutually rewarding film, TV, virtual reality & video game co-productions / collaborations.

As an international career coach & entertainment consultant she has connected countless talent to jobs and opportunities through her work in the US and abroad. She also helps to find film financing, co-production partners and to promote movies for the Oscar competitions and other film festivals.

30+ years of consistent work as a professional actor and her juror activities provide her with a distinguished overview of current trends in Hollywood, world television and international films each year, while selecting the best for nominations and awards.

Nina Franoszek’s extensive theatre, film-acting and directing expertise for 100+ film, television and virtual reality productions in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Russia, Czechia, South Africa and the USA provide her with a global perspective, knowledge and discernment working with diverse cultural identities, film & TV performance styles, and international audiences.

She earned an MFA in Performing Arts and continued training for more then 15 years at the Actors Studio West (Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, & Al Pacino serve as co-President in NYC. Mark Rydell and Martin Landau serve as co-Artistic Directors in West Hollywood).

As an acting teacher and charisma coach she builds the unique strengths and individual personality of professional actors around the world for 20+years. Additionally she developed and offers an exclusive career-seminar for international actors who want to work in Hollywood. Her coaching is individually customized. It’s been described as hands-on, fun, inspiring, profound, transformative, and sustainable.

Always evolving and moving towards the future, Nina Franoszek has now embraced the virtual world, as a passionate motion capture performer (MOCAP), who also plays one of the main antagonists “Frau Engel” in the “Inglourious Basterds-esk” cinematic video game “Wolfenstein: The New Order”.

She is a keynote speaker and participates in panels about psychology, emotions and new ways of storytelling in the Virtual World and currently develops own VR content.

Since 2014 she co-chairs an exclusive monthly film-biz cocktail mixer that brings together the brightest minds and leading innovators of the German speaking Film Professionals in Hollywood.

Scope of Services & Deliverables:

  • International Entertainment Consultations
  • Consulting Service for German - American film, TV & VR co-producing parties
  • Script Consulting and  Script Constellations
  • International Casting Consultations
  • Artistic Mentorship
  • Career Development and Guidance
  • The Business of Acting & Understanding the Business of the Entertainment Industry
  • Advice on How to Build Industry Insider Connections in Los Angeles
  • Type and Branding Consultation
  • Film & Stage Acting Training and Coaching (in German and English)
  • Motion Capture Performance Training and Coaching
  • Audition Techniques & Preparation
  • On-Camera Training and Techniques
  • Charisma and Presence Training
  • Assistance in Navigating the International Work Permit Process

Nina Franoszek’s short resume:


  • Grimme Prize (Germany’s Emmy Award) 1998
  • German Screen Actors Award in 2014

Professional Experience

  • Performed in over 100 feature films and TV productions
    credits include:
  • "The Pianist" by Roman Polanski
  • The Emmy Award winning TV show: "Mad Man"
  • The Party: Nature Morte”, co-starring with Tilda Swinton
  • "Buster's Bedroom"co-starring with Donald Sutherland & Geraldine Chaplin
  • "The Brink"(HBO) guest-starring with Tim Robbins & Jack Black.
  • Motion Capture Performance as a lead actor in Wolfenstein: The new Order
  • 30+ years of consistent and exclusive work as a professional 
  • 25+ years of bilingual Voice Over Work as director, actor
 and supervisor.
  • “Life Itself” (Roger Ebert documentary) dubbing director German, Netflix, USA (2015)
  • 10+years Owner of THE CONNECTRESS – International Entertainment Consulting Services
  • 10+ years Film Director, Writer
  • Dubbing Supervisor / Translator Universal Studios
  • Theater Director, Pacific Resident Theater, Venice, CA


Nina & Jon Hamm

Nina Franoszek_FrenchForeign Minister Dominique Roget

Professional Affiliations and Networks


Teaching , Coaching
 & Consulting

  • “Hollywood Acting Coach” for Heidi Klum and the models of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (2014, 2015)
  • MFA Film Acting Program & “Acting for Directors” @ New York Film Academy in Los Angeles (2013- present)
  • Exclusive career-seminars and One-one-One Coaching for 
actors who want to work in Hollywood
  • Charisma & On-Camera Coaching for Executives
  • Consulting for foreign Filmmakers who want to present their films on the American Market or are nominated for the Oscars.
  • Liaison between German & American Film Professionals for Co-productions, film funding and many more.



  • MFA, University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover, Germany
  • Associates Degree in English & Art (Abitur) Rüchert Oeberschule, Berlin, Germany
  • Alumna Berlinale Talent Campus Berlin, Germany
  • Extension Seminars in entertainment studies, script writing, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA