Hollywood Charisma Coach

For Executives & Presenters

Charisma Coaching

For CEO’s, Executives, Politicians, Professional Athletes, TV Presenters & Hosts, Authors, Speakers, Life Coaches, Video Bloggers and people who:

Are asked to appear on television or as a guest expert on talk shows or reality shows
Want to include website videos on their website to connect with their audience
Are putting together an online video campaign, membership site or vlog
Are the face of their brand and are stepping out in the media to promote it
Want to get across who they are when appearing on stage, on television, their YouTube channel or website video.

On-Camera Presentation training

Why is on camera performance training important for you?

In today’s media-driven world - on camera performance is key. Today's audiences are sophisticated and savvy with 24/7 access to TV and online streamingThey have the experience of watching thousands of performances, and their sense for believability is finely tuned. Nobody wants to lose or confuse their target market or audience because of poor media presentation. Knowing how to work in front of the camera and in interviews helps you to take advantage of the media for your personal branding and presents your public appearances in a positive way.

Starting out as a live TV presenter or "just being your charismatic self " in front of the camera is undoubtedly the most difficult task, since it’s hard to get experience without first getting experience. And that’s where my coaching and training comes in.

People present well in front of the camera due to their training and/or their experiences of being in front of the camera. Their on-camera persona is exactly who they need to be to get their message across and connect to their audience - they actually don't "present" anymore, they come across naturally:  authentic, truthful and confident. They have charisma -  a powerful personal presence in front of the camera. Their following gets them and what they are about and wants to work with and/or buy from them.
Learning those techniques and skills is vital if you want to make a strong impact and have longevity in the media world. On television, audience feedback can lead  producers to refrain from inviting you again,  if you are disliked, unpopular, not making sense or if you are struggling/nervous in front of the camera.  Mean Youtube Channel comments can be even worse.

Struggling with what you are doing could be because of one of the following:

  • Not knowing where to look when in a television studio
  • Not knowing when the camera is on you
  • Inability to express yourself on camera
  • Constantly uttering cliché responses
  • Fidgetiness
  • Bad habits
  • Repetitious utterances

How I can help?

We'll break down the work you have done in the past, draw your attention to what charismatic people/performers/presenters do and how they do it, then implement those skills, according to your goals and vision. We'll practice on-camera skills and performance exercises to be authentic and confident on camera. And we'll work with scripts and spontaneity, body language techniques and the psychology of performing in front of the camera. You'll also get a clear understanding of what outfits you need to stay away from on screen and what works effectively for your individual personal brand.

Coaching Results Include:

  • A boost in confidence and competence, with presentations delivered in a "conversational style" that feel authentic and engage the audience
  • Individual personality not clichéd presenter - by building the uniqueness of each individual expert or personality
  • Sustainable Results. Your investment in coaching will deliver a return, as the testimonials of  professional actors and clients like Heidi Klum continually demonstrate. This coaching works permanently and is designed that presenters/performers can bring their experience and the benefits far into the future.


One-On-One Camera Performance Coaching

How to be confident on camera and keep your audience engaged.

You will learn how to:

  • Control your nerves and overcome performance overwhelm and insecurities
  • Speak clearly and logically
  • Be authentic and confident on camera
  • Express yourself
  • Let your personality shine through
  • Become aware of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Present in front of the camera
  • Perform in the different camera shots
  • Learn how to self tape your presentation
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Prepare your scripts
  • Choose the right make up, styling and wardrobe that represents YOU


Coaching includes:

  • On camera performance training
  • Voice Training
  • Authenticity Training
  • Body awareness Training
  • Personality Type Awareness - Ensure your powerful personality comes across when on camera

One-on-One 6 week Career Mastery Course

How to create your Visual Brand and define your Marketing Magnet.

For speakers, authors, lifestyle experts and everybody who wants to start their own show, a YouTube Channel, video blog and/or visually brand themselves.

Together we'll:

  • Build your visual brand
  • Become specific about your video blog’s/ YouTube Channel etc intention
  • Define your dream collaborators
  • Define your  target market/audience
  • Identify how your audience perceives you
  • Create opportunities for your audience and clients
  • Calculate your finances for a video blogging career, production and virtual studio
  • Become aware of your strengths and uniqueness
  • Overcome overwhelm fear and nerves
  • Create a One-year action plan with specific steps to reach your career goals and vision.


You will learn how to:

  • Identify your niche and what makes you unique.
  • Define your personal brand and marketing magnet.
  • Be charismatic.
  • Use the power of specificity to connect with your audience and sponsors.
  • What to do next to rapidly excel in your career.



  • Your personal Internet and social media evaluation
  • Weekly homework 4-8 hours.
  • 1 email correspondence per week
  • 1 Private Career Spotlight Consulting session per week 90 min.
  • Type and Images Design Process
  • Personality & Type Surveys
  • Self taping evaluation

You need a camera (iphone, or computer will work too) and computer with a word document software and email address for this course.