Nadja Bobyleva (Bridge of Spies, Getting a Life, Engel & Joe)NADJA BOBYLEVA

Nina Franoszek was a great help to me. As an actor you need to be mindful of lot’s of things - that most of us are not aware of. For example, how your essence affects others, how your type is determined and how you can use that to advance your career. She really taught me how to market myself successfully and present myself in the industry.Her know-how of our profession helped me to refine and convey precisely who I am as an actor.

She personally helped me to find a clear path in my profession and to define the right goals and the simple individual steps to achieve them. You get very clear, precise and productive consulting with Nina and a strong fresh impetus for yourself. Because of her life and work history in Germany and the USA she has a very good insight into the film industry and can give anyone, especially young actors, crucial direction for their careers.

She was also an active force during my work permit process for the USA. She always gave me sound guidance and assistance and was a great support, which has led for the most part to the fact that I have received the visa. Personally, I appreciate Nina 's work very much and would recommend her to everyone.”

MV5BMTY1NDcwMTcxOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTk1MjU4NTE@._V1._SX500_SY333_Lin Gothoni  (Jagon, Freche Mädchen 2)

Nina is an ideal coach for actors who want to build a national or international career for themselves. She is insightful, professional, fun, and a motivator who helps to bring out the professional motivation in you!

Her knowledge and guidance make it is easy to establish and set a personal goal and define all the steps in between that helps you stay focused, follow up and finally achieve your goal. The homework was like a step by step system, like a red ribbon that makes the overall “vision seam” much more realistic and much easier to reach. It helped me to channel my energy in that direction and gave me a structure. It also gave me confidence, and a much better picture of how to market myself.

Nina is very specific and detailed in her work, and I felt like she was really focusing on my personal development and requirements. I see her like a mentor and plan to continue working with her. I definitely recommend her coaching!”

Thure Riefenstein (Behind the Candelabra, The Brink (HBO), Baltic Storm, Dark Blue World):Thure Riefenstein2

“I’ve known and worked with Nina for over 15 years. We have worked together as actors on different movies or TV productions and she also successfully prepared me for my roles or for international auditions. She is a very experienced and resourceful actor, coach and career consultant with profound know-how in the film and TV industry in Europe and the USA.

Nina’s insightful knowledge of the various acting techniques and the craft of acting itself make her a unique mentor and coach. She is always focused on the needs of her clients, be it in the field of drama, film acting, film production, voice over, motion capture performance, film-financing, public relations, marketing or networking.

Her coaching is individually customized. You are the center of her attention. It is about you, your role and how to deliver the best and most authentic, captivating performance. Nina immediately get’s a feeling for where you are and what you need. She understands the psychology and complexity of human beings and guides you through your emotional and creative journey; helps you to explore the back story of your character and makes you aware about what works and what to let go of. If necessary, - and it almost always is, - she does make you leave your comfort zone, works on your body-tension, your emotional fine-tuning and how to find your character’s voice and exceptional behavior. At the end you feel confident and elated to bring your character to life in every performance.

If you are looking for career consultation, have a clear objective before you start working with her​​. The more precisely you know what you want, the more efficient the work will be. If you are not sure yet about your goals, Nina will help you to define them by asking the right questions. Nina is always reaffirming, but also does not hesitate to put her finger in the wound, if it leads you to achieving your goals. She is direct, honest and constructive. Her positive nature makes it a lot of fun working with her​. She is an extraordinary person, artist and coach - a rarity in the profession and craft of acting”.

Ole EisfeldOle Eisfeld  (Agnieszka, You don’t want to know, The Rosenheim Cops)

“Nina has opened my eyes. The way the film industry works in Los Angeles is completely different than the way it works in Germany. Not only in theory, but in practice, I have learned what the US film market requires and I feel very well-prepared. Although I have never been to LA before Nina gave me the tools that I needed to feel as if I am already a successful part of the Hollywood industry.

What else has changed? My inner attitude. I have always been so afraid of failure that I sandbagged my dreams and goals. Through Nina’s coaching I'm at the point where I can say confidently: I'm going to build a second career in Los Angeles. With lots of fun and yet clearly structured Nina offers an One-on-One career intensive over six weeks, that prepared me perfectly for my first professional enterprise in Los Angeles.”

Follow up note: Ole found his Hollywood representation two weeks after he arrived in LA and started to go out on auditions immediately. His career back in Germany started thriving and he reached his first goal to be a working film actor, after being successful on stage for years.