Acting in Hollywood

Be realistic - Los Angeles is the most competitive place for an actor

A) It requires extensive (extra) training in Los Angeles to become one of the best in your art form.

B) It requires understanding the Hollywood entertainment industry. 
You need to learn about all the important things that are necessary to be competitive in Hollywood.

C) It requires the right contacts, networking, SAG/AFTRA membership, the right manager and agent.

A, B and C will lead you to building your reputation and brand recognition in Hollywood. If you want an international career you can test the water here. If you are from overseas it gives you the expertise to be cast in an international production in your country. Working in the creative field in Los Angeles is challenging but also a lot of fun!

How to apply for Coaching

Email your headshot and resume to
You may be required to have either an audition or telephone interview.

Training for the professional actor

Audition Coaching for TV, Film & Drama
How to conquer the room and get the job. Cold Reading Technique, Monologues, Interviewing Skills, Overcoming performance anxiety.

Audition Taping
Film the audition and put it on tape, with coaching option.

Scene Study
Advanced Acting techniques, script analysis, character development, overcoming physical, emotional and intellectual blocks, developing an open and flexible instrument, creating rich, truthful, emotionally alive characters, unique to each actor, growing as an artist and storyteller.

On-Set Coaching
Available upon request and schedule permitting.

On-Camera Acting
Modifying your instrument to the camera making specific, strong and actable choices. Using props, hitting your mark, understanding eye-lines, how film shots frame the action in film making and how to stay and act in the frame of the camera.

Training for Kid's and Beginners

Basic techniques series, Solid Acting Foundation, Voice & Speech, Dramatic Improvisation, Sense Memory and Imagination exercises. This training empowers you, let you explore your uniqueness, create strong, truthful, dynamic characters and prepare you for TV & Film work.

Developing the instinct and instrument of the young actor with acting techniques and improvisation exercises. Learning how to analyze the story line, backstory and motivation of the character, how to use emotional subtext within the scene, understand emotional transitions to become the character and deliver  an honest and unique performance.

Acting techniques are based on:

·      Classical Stanislavsky
·      Stella Adler
·      Uta Hagen
·      David Mamet
·      Lee Strasberg
·       Sandford Meisner
·       Keith Johnstone
·       Jerzy Grotowski
·       Michael Chekov
·       Berthold Brecht


Hands-on     Transformative       Sustainable      Individually Customized 

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