The Business of Acting: How To Work In Hollywood & Internationally

for International Actors

Six-weeks Career Coaching
 for actors who want to work in Hollywood productions

November 15- December 20, 2016
for 6 -8 professionel actors

Empower yourself and take control of your film and television career.

                                                              Together we’ll:    

  •                                                     Build your career path

  •                                                     Define your vision & career goals

  •                                                     Evaluate your acting skills and where you stand in the business

  •                                                     Define and create your own unique, personal brand

  •                                                     Choose and create marketing materials that truly represent your brand

  •                                                     Break down every area you need to succeed and make your career happen

  •                                                     Maximize the opportunities for you to enhance your craft and skills

  •                                                     Get you in the right mindset to take advantage of career opportunities

  •                                                     Identify your strengths & weaknesses and utilize both to your

  •                                                     Learn how to pitch yourself effectively

  •                                                     Create social networking strategies

  •                                                     Create your own professional business plan for motivation, focus and

  •                                                     Establish action steps to achieve a rewarding career and joyful life


"If you don't have a plan you become part of somebody else's plan ." -Terence McKenna


  The intensive career-changing  workshop focuses on your personal career path, marketing steps, headshots,    resumes, reels, audition tapes, social media resources and camera technique. It gives you an overview of the industry, guidance to build your career with a realistic approach and how to find representation.  You'll get   motivated and a thorough insight into tools and techniques to get represented, noticed and booked. 

  The workshops also covers work permit solutions for international actors.

  Submitting for workshop: Send your digital headshot & resume to   

 Level: intermediate (Has two or more co-star or guest star credits, four or more credits or a lead role credit in two student        films, one or more professional theater acting credit, Acting training: two years or more of ongoing classes.) and advanced       (Three or more co-star or guest star credits, and/or one or more recurring guest star credits, or three or more co-star recurring      credits, and/or one or more series regular credits on a broadcast (ABC, NBC, CBS etc.), streaming (Amazon,  Netflix, etc.) or      cable (HBO, Showtime, etc.) network. Three or more professional theater acting credits (preferably Equity or Equity waiver.         Acting training: four years or more of ongoing classes.

  After your approval a single payment of the fee is required to reserve your spot.
  Paypal and bank transfer accepted.

  Fee: Early Bird Price $660 (599 € ) / $1100 (999 € ) after October 22nd, 2016 

   Professional German actors can get funding:
   500 Euro –50% Ermäßigung für Bildungsprämie - und GVL berechtigte (Anmeldung bis zum November 14th, 2016)
   Flyer for German Actors  

  Participant need 4-6 hours weekly for homework and individual work and internet access for  live video conferences on:

  Tuesdays: November 15, 22 and 29, December 6, 13 and 20
  Time: 11 AM-1 PM PST (Los Angeles),  8 AM - 11 AM EST (NYC) , 8 PM - 11 PM CET (Berlin)

  You can dial in from every film set of the world or from the comfort of your home.


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